Dr. Andrea Tamm

Family Physician who specializes in women's health

Andrea Tamm is a Medical Doctor that graduated from the University of Alberta in 2011, where she completed her Family Medicine Residency. She recieved her Colledge of Family Physicians of Canada certification in 2013.

Andrea continues to practice family medicine as a locum in addition to her focused practice in women’s health at SEW Care Clinic.

Her hobbies are too many to count and loves spending time with her family. 

Andrea enjoys helping women feel better and improve their quality of life, and particularily enjoys doing minor procedures.

Main practice focus:

Maternity and obstetrical care for lower risk pregnancies

  • Low risk mom’s


Please note that gynecology appointments require a referral from a physician, midwife, physical therapist or nurse practitioner.

**The family physicians that have joined our clinic are seeing patients for women’s health issues only.