Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist


Hi, I’m Kelsey! SEW Care Clinic’s pelvic floor physiotherapist.

I grew up in Fort Saskatchewan and have always had a love for sports and physical activity. Like many of my colleagues, my interest in physiotherapy began after needing to seek care for an injury of my own (it’s a funny story, make sure you ask me about it!). Two years of working with my therapist brought on a deep appreciation for the profession and I knew I wanted to pursue physiotherapy so I could help others in the same way. I went on to graduate from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Kinesiology, and a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy. During my master’s degree, I had the option to take a pelvic health elective and it made me realize the disappointing truth that women grow up learning very little about their sexual and reproductive health. This realization pushed me to pursue it as a speciality so I could share that knowledge and be someone who could help with the management of various conditions and symptoms we face. I have been especially passionate about supporting women through pregnancy and postpartum recovery! My personal treatment style is a combination of manual therapy and exercise, and a lot of education. I believe that in order to be an active participant in your own recovery, you have to understand what you are doing and why. I identify each client’s unique values, needs and goals and do whatever I can to facilitate a successful return to the things they love and enjoy most.

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Additional Training:

        • Dry needling/IMS
        • Level 1: The physical therapy approach to anyone experiencing urinary incontinence
        • Level 2: The role of physiotherapy in the treatment of anyone experiencing pelvic pain through a trauma informed lens
        • Pregnancy, pelvic girdle pain and the pelvic floor
        • Management of Diastasis Rectus Abdominus
        • Cupping
        • K-taping